George and Joyce Templeton started the purebred Hereford herd in 1964. 51 years later, XTC has seen a name change and a drastic change in scenery. Presently, XTC Ranches is operated in joint partnership between Byron & Carolyn Templeton and Travis & Jocelyn Wasko. The cows were moved to Eastend, Saskatchewan in 2012 where the cow herd continues to grow.  Today, the herd consists of purebred Horned/Polled Herefords as well as a newly established purebred Red Angus herd.  The ranch also runs a Hereford/Red Angus cross commercial herd.  We use primarily all of our own home raised bulls on our commercial cattle.  Both families are very active in all of the daily operations of the ranch and we feel different skill sets compliment different areas on the ranch well.  Byron and Carolyn have extensive knowledge in the purebred business with many years in the industry.  They have raised a number of influential bloodlines throughout the Hereford breed. They have been prominent members of the industry, and Byron served as the Canadian Hereford Association president from 2005-2006. Jocelyn spent many years showing cattle and helping out on the ranch. She married Travis in 2013, and now works as a teacher in Eastend. Travis was born and raised in Eastend on a commercial Red Angus/Hereford cross outfit. His father, Barry, continues to operate Bar 4 Bar Ranches about 10 miles away. Travis' Grandfather runs a commercial Hereford ranch bordering XTC to the North.  

XTC Ranches strives to raise ranch ready cattle with a focus on feet and fleshing ability. We require easy doing cattle here in Eastend, and want to provide our customers with the same low maintenance type of cattle.  We believe that when we sell bulls to the commercial rancher, the bull will adapt to any environment they are put in.  Our cows are raised on primarily native grass year round. We try to winter graze all of the cows as far into winter that mother nature allows us to do. Our cows calve out on their own in large fields with the protection of the natural topography.  Our bulls are sold as long yearling or 2 year olds.  We feel that this allows us to grow out these bulls without having to push them.  They spend the summer on grass while being developed for the sale in November. Wherever the cattle business takes us, we at XTC will do whatever we can to always produce the most functional cattle for our customers. We look forward to visiting with you soon, our ranch "doors" are always open.